Lease Drafting and Review

At Militzok & Associates, we assist both landlords and tenants with a variety of residential and commercial leasing issues. Our lawyers can effectively address your concerns, whether you are a landlord in a lease dispute, a tenant entering into a new lease or a business owner renting commercial space. Even seemingly unimportant or unlikely contingencies in a lease can end up having a substantial effect on the parties rights in the future. For this reason, it is important to always have your lease reviewed by an experienced attorney before signing.

Reviewing and Drafting Leases

Our firm reviews and drafts leases for landlords and tenants alike. We create leases that are fair and clear and protect the best interests of our clients. If you are opening a new business, or if you are a current business owner interested in commercial real estate property, leasing may be a viable option. At Militzok & Associates, we can help you realize your business goals by reviewing any lease and fully informing you of its terms. We have drafted and negotiated leases at major shopping and lifestyle centers, malls, and office buildings.

Breach of Lease

Our experience drafting and reviewing leases has given us an in-depth understanding of their terms. When a client requires representation because the other party has not complied with the terms of a lease, we can help. Leasing issues that are often the subject of real estate disputes include:

  • the amount of rent owed or when payments are due
  • the length of the lease
  • the condition of the premises
  • landlord and tenant improvements
  • build-out obligations
  • violations of use clauses
  • the enforceability of certain lease covenants
  • compliance with assignment and sublease provisions

In a real estate lease, landlords and tenants are not required to accept all terms of any lease presented to them. Assistance from an experienced leasing attorney can help ensure that your rights, business and livelihood are protected.

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