Product Liability

Everyday, people are involved in tragic accidents which could have been avoided if the products they were using that were involved in the accident were properly designed and manufactured. Militzok & Associates aggressively prosecute product liability claims against the large companies who fail to properly plan and design these products.

Defective Products Cause Life-Altering Injuries

The injuries our clients have suffered such as brain injuries, burns, spinal cord injuries and loss of limbs are catastrophic and life altering. In many instances, these injuries are no accident. The underlying cause can be traced to a defective product or to a known design or manufacturing flaw.
Militzok & Associates has an ongoing commitment to consumer safety in defective product cases. Consumer lawsuits can bring about the change that is required to improve a product’s safety. However, our primary goal is to ensure our clients achieve the financial compensation they are entitled to for cases such as airplane crashes, boating accidents, bus accidents, construction accidents, faulty electrical wiring, defective farm equipment, defectively designed and maintained fuel tanks, defective bicycles and motorcycle helmets, defective medical devices, and faulty automotive parts such as tires.

Critical Evidence

Evidence plays a key role in a defective product case. If you believe that you have been injured as a result of a defective product design or an unsafe condition, it is very important for you to keep the product in your possession.

Militzok & Associates’ product liability team of attorneys will act quickly to obtain access to the defective product and preserve the evidence to avoid the possibility of tampering.
We never lose sight of the personal trauma suffered by our clients and make sure the jury does not either.

Making It Real to Jurors

At trial, our lawyers demonstrate why the product was unsafe and how the product destroyed the lives of the people who used it. Our goal is to make a jury understand the challenges of a young person who will suffer the rest of their life from the injuries that have been suffered.

Holding Companies Accountable

Many of our injured clients and families may never regain their old lives, however, it is our belief that demanding full accountability from the manufacturers of unsafe products is an important purpose in protecting other innocent people from its dangers. It also provides victims with the right to compensation and an opportunity to send a message. It also provides an incentive for other companies to prevent similar harm from occurring to other people.

To speak to us about your product liability claim, please contact us today. We represent clients throughout the entire state of Florida.

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