Life & Disability Disputes

When an unfortunate event occurs in life which forces a family member to make a claim to payment under life insurance or disability insurance policies, it is not uncommon to encounter problems when it comes to requesting payment of benefits from your insurance company under those policies. If your life or disability claim has been denied, or you keep running into obstacles or delays in getting your life or disability claim paid by the insurance company, the experienced insurance attorneys at Militzok & Associates, P.A. are ready to help. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Was Your Claim with Your Life Insurance or Disability Company Denied?

Insurance companies use a variety of tactics in their efforts to delay paying valid claims, under paying valid claims or denying valid claims. Unreasonable delays in payment, repeated requests for the same information, or what appears to be arbitrary denial of benefits or claims could be signs of what is known as insurance bad faith. In some situations, the insurance company gambles that you will accept less than what you deserve by making the claims process difficult and complicated. During this delay, and while your dispute continues to be pending, the insurance company collects interest on the money it isn’t paying you all to increase the profits for its shareholders.
Not all denials of claims or benefits mean that the insurance company is cheating you. There are many legitimate reasons for an insurance company to investigate your claim. However, when the subject of the dispute seems to keep changing, or if the insurance company’s reasons for denying your claim seem unreasonable, the possibility that the insurance company is handling your claim in bad faith grows.

At Militzok & Associates, our insurance attorneys work with you to identify all potential claims against your insurance company, including the bad faith in the handling, payment, or denial of life, or disability insurance claims. Our experience in fighting against insurance companies helps us spot the signs of bad faith, and we can also work with you to identify the losses that resulted from the breach of the insurance company’s commitment.

Resolving Insurance Disputes in Your Favor

Our insurance attorneys are ready and able to assist you receiving the full benefit of your insurance coverage. For additional information about our ability to help resolve insurance disputes in your favor, contact us for a free consultation today.

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