Property Damage Claims

We represent clients who have suffered damage to their home against insurance companies resulting from hurricanes, rain storms, sinkholes, floods, fires, smoke, plumbing leaks, vandalism and burglary. We also represent businesses and commercial property owners in property damage claims and business interruption claims. An attorney with experience in property and casualty/flood insurance litigation is an invaluable tool to obtain maximum recovery. Legal expertise is required to properly analyze insurance policies and to pursue claims under the various types of coverage available to insured parties.

Militzok & Associates has the experience and experts needed to handle claims for property damages, loss of use, business interruption and related coverage. Our Firm is dedicated to protecting the rights of the homeowner and business to receive their insurance benefits from the time the loss occurs through the litigation process. In all of these cases, time is of the essence, so acting quickly to timely file the claim with proper documentation is critical. In most cases your insurance policy has certain requirements that apply to you right when you experience property damage. That is where the experience of Militzok & Associates and the experts we engage become most helpful to claimants. To learn more about representation by Militzok & Associates in the event of an insurance claim, please contact us today.

Contesting Unfair Claim Denials

Is your insurance claim being denied for reasons you do not understand? Have you been told you do not have coverage for a claim in which you thought you were covered for? Are you being told you should settle your claim for far less than it is worth, putting an unfair burden on you for repairs or replacement and other expenses?
If you are engaged in any such dispute with your homeowners or business insurance carrier, don’t fight that battle on your own. The insurance attorneys at Militzok & Associates, P.A. have substantial insurance litigation experience and are ready to protect and enforce your rights against the insurance company.

If you have experienced storm, fire or water damage to your home and you are receiving unfairly low offers from the insurance company, or feel that the insurance company is unfairly delaying making payment on your claim, you should contact our insurance attorneys today.

Our attorneys have substantial experience in insurance company litigation and we handle claims involving: property damage arising from fires, windstorms, household fixture and plumbing system failures and other covered events that cause damage to your home.

We negotiate and fight against the insurance company to obtain the fair compensation property owners are entitled to under the terms of their policies, including the reimbursement for destroyed possessions and living expenses such as hotel or relocation expenses while the property is uninhabitable due to required repairs.

Pursuit of insurance bad faith litigation may dramatically increase the damages you are able to recover if your insurer wrongfully denied, delayed or undervalued your claim.

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