Health Insurance Claims

Health insurance companies are denying valid claims on technical grounds and in unreasonable ways. The typical reasons for a health insurance company denying a claim include that the coverage was not provided under the policy, that the medical services were “not medically necessary” or were not authorized, and in other situations, the health insurance company will characterize the treatments as “experimental.” These are only a few of the dozens of reasons health insurance companies attempt to deny otherwise valid claims. Although not every insurance company denial is improper, when the health insurance company’s denial is not proper under the policy, the result is that the insurance company is denying people the insurance benefits they have paid for. The improper denial of insurance claims can result in the patient needlessly suffering a financial burden on top of the stress involved in facing a serious or life threatening medical issue. One of the leading causes of bankruptcy filings in the United States results from the inability to pay the mountain of medical bills that can pile up after a serious illness. Militzok & Associates is able to assist in cutting through the red tape that people often experience when attempting to get a medical claim covered under their policy and assist them in obtaining the insurance benefits they are rightfully entitled to. Contact us today for a free consultation.
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