Partnership Disputes

At Militzok & Associates, we understand the complex legal issues involved in business owner and partnership disputes within closely-held companies and business partnerships. Our attorneys have substantial experience in assisting business owners resolve their internal disputes in a wide variety of businesses including, restaurants, professional practices, small companies, service businesses, retail stores, family businesses and other enterprises both prior to litigation and once litigation begins.

Resolving Disputes While Preserving Business Value

Many of our clients who come see us about a partnership or closely-held business dispute wish to resolve their conflicts as amicably as possible so that they can maintain normal business operations. However, such clients also have concerns about the integrity of a business partner’s actions, perceptions of unfairness and issues of control and decision-making power must be objectively evaluated and addressed before that can happen. The attorneys at Militzok & Associates can help you fully evaluate the situation and advise you of all of the options you may have to effectively address the issues with a focus on preserving the business value that you have worked so hard to build. Drawing upon our experience in this area, we are able to deliver creative, cost-effective solutions through negotiation and/or mediation.

Business Litigation

In those situations where out-of-court solutions are not feasible, you can have confidence in the attorneys at Militzok & Associates that your interests are being protected by an experienced business litigation team. Our experienced attorneys will fight hard to ensure that your rights as a business owner are protected to the greatest extent under the law.

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