Condo Insurance Claims

Living in a condominium or homeowners association provides a unique set of insurance claim issues. For example, many condominium owners suffer property damage which originated or resulted from either another unit owner’s property, or from the association’s property. Examples of such claims including water leaks, mold infestations or fires. Condominium property damage claims can be challenging because the unit owner often is required to pursue the insurance of a third party such as the unit where the damage originated in, or the association’s insurance company itself. Since those third party insurance companies do not have any direct responsibility to you, these companies typically frustrate, delay and sometimes even deny a condominium owner’s right to recover money for the damages that were sustained. In addition, it can be intimidating for condominium unit owner to go up against an association’s board or the decisions the board has made and may feel powerless as a result.

These types of claims are called third party claims and may require that you file a lawsuit against the other unit owner or the association in order to force their insurance companies to get involved and pay you for your property damage. In most circumstances, the insurance company will refuse to negotiate with you until you take this step.

The attorneys at Militzok & Associates are experienced in filing and fighting third party insurance claims. We have sued condominium and homeowner associations and their members for failure to maintain the condominium or property that resulted in our clients’ property being damaged. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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