Credit Reporting Errors

A large percentage of all people have errors on their credit reports. Credit reporting errors can happen for a variety of reasons and even when the credit bureaus or your creditors make a mistake, it is still difficult to get these items fixed. Sending dispute letters to the credit bureaus and hiring a credit repair company can only get you so far. Sometimes, however, it is necessary to file a lawsuit against the credit bureaus and/or the creditors in order to get the item corrected or removed. We handle many credit reporting cases under the Fair Credit Reporting Act and we would be happy to help you with yours. Are you frustrated with trying to get your credit restored? Let our experienced consumer attorneys assist you in the process. Militzok & Associates takes credit reporting cases on contingency, meaning our costs and attorney’s fees are paid by the credit bureau or the creditor.

Common Types of Credit Reporting Errors

Our experienced attorneys see a large volume of credit reporting errors. We can help you fight back against creditors by filing lawsuits against these creditors at no cost to you. In addition to getting these items corrected or removed from your credit report, by law, the Court is authorized to award you actual damages or up to $1,000 per occurrence and requires the creditor to pay our attorney’s fees. The following is a list of common claims we handle under the Fair Credit Reporting Act:

  • Collection accounts which have been paid
  • Uneven information being reported among the three major credit bureaus
  • The failure to mark an account in dispute after you have disputed the account in writing
  • Accounts which don’t belong to you resulting from identity theft
  • Accounts which don’t belong to you which result from someone with a similar name
  • The re-aging of debts by a debt collector to make them stay on your credit report longer than 7 years

Contact the experienced attorneys at Militzok & Associates for a free consultation to determine if you have an actionable claim under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

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